Thursday, April 14, 2011

Narcolepsy Network Conference

Take a train?
Take a bus?
Take a plane?

Narcolepsy causes all sorts of confusion. Like the fact that it's going to take me months to figure out how I'll get to the Narcolepsy Network conference this year, if I get there at all. The reason for my extended planning won't be because I'm working out the details with money, even though I will be, but rather because I'll be diving in and out of shallow sleepy waters.

The decisions involved in this should be simple. But they won't be. I know that I'll end up checking out the trains, figuring out where I need to go and if a bus is involved first. I'll second guess myself and what I've read. I'll stare at my computer screen forgetting what I'm doing, and then I'll get frustrated and need to take a nap.

When I come back to my task at hand, I'll be back at the beginning, and I'm sure I'll give up on the whole idea countless times. Countless partly because I'm in such a fog I can't keep track... and also because... well, as I'm writing this I've forgotten my other point ;) I've already abandoned the idea three times since yesterday because it becomes difficult to make a decision. 

There are schedules to work out, times to depart, times to arrive, to make sure I am there at the right time for check in and check out while not sitting in a bus station or train station for so long that I fall asleep and miss the entire thing ;) Just kidding! Or am I? I'm not sure that I'm sure!

I've not yet attended a NN conference, but I'm increasingly excited to do this. It would be wonderful to meet other PWN (people with Narcolepsy). I've never met one in person that I am aware. Of course, my PWN friends who are all becoming more and more like family have been wonderful to talk with online. If it weren't for them, I would be facebookless. I don't particularly enjoy facebook, but it does allow for connections I would otherwise be without.

Want to know what I've used a spellchecker for during this blog post? The word plane (plain or plane). This is embarrassing for someone who was once great with vocabulary and also claims to be a writer. Ha!


Dave said...

I hope you are able to make it to the conference this year! I've never met anyone else with narcolepsy either and I can't wait to both meet other people with narcolepsy and visit Vegas for the first time. I can relate to the frustration that you feel when trying to make plans. It can be a really overwhelming experience for me too. Anyways I hope you'll be able to make it to Vegas!

infant said...

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