Monday, April 18, 2011

Fran... Oh, Fran!

For some odd reason, odder than most, I find myself compelled to write about Fran Lebowitz. Who is this woman? What is the purpose for my intrigue? I have no insightful comments to make. I barely know her, not that I know her at all. I've never met her, but for a moment as I watched part of a documentary called Public Speaking, it seems I did.

Maybe I find her amazing because she doesn't appear to care much for appearance. She smokes heavily, and she says what is on her mind. At least, it seems she does. I watched about five minutes of this documentary, and in that time I realized that I kind of love her. For some odd reason... Odder than most. I don't generally fall "in love" with strange women. Not that I am "in love" with her. She is interesting, as in cutting against the grain.

The DVR is set to record the next showing of this film. At that time, maybe I'll find out why I like her this way. Perhaps I'll end up hating her. I have no idea. But for the fact that I am here... writing about someone I know nothing about, finding her absolutely intriguing, there must be something about this woman that has drawn my attention.

I find I connect with few people. I mean really connect with them on any deep level. Yet, it's impossible to connect with Fran on a deep level. I've never met her. She's 36 years above my age, we look nothing alike, I don't smoke, I don't wear tailored suits, and she talks A TON! I barely talk at all.

We are opposites, but we are writers.

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Anonymous said...

i like her, too. this is one of your fb twins, lol. :)