Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SEVEN things YOU can do NOW to help DOLPHINS

   1.)  Write to the people in charge!
   2.)  Learn about the lives of dolphins in captivity!
  • Pledge not to buy a ticket to a Dolphin Show by signing this Petition
  • Watch this short Video about the intelligence of dolphins with Dr. Lori Marino
   3.)  Visit the Japanese Cove website, and share with friends

   4.)  Support Earth Island's efforts to educate the Japanese public by donating Here

   5.)  Stand up to Zoos and Aquariums. Ask them to stop using dolphins in shows by signing this Petition

   6.)  Volunteer to help Earth Island!

   7.)  Make a tax-deductible donation Now!

It's easy to feel helpless, but anything you can do to help is something, it's more than nothing! And everything we do brings us all closer to ending this animal cruelty!

It isn't too late to join the millions of humans and thousands of dolphins! What have you done to help?

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